Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressing

Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressing

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Medihoney calcium alginate dressing is a novel honey-based dressing for moderately to heavily exuding wounds. The dressing contains 95% Active Leptospermum honey, can be used to cover a shallow wound or fill a deep wound, and provides a moist wound environment conducive to wound healing. Active Leptospermum Honey has been shown to have several properties which assist in promoting an optimal healing environment. It has low pH, and has been shown to help lower the overall wound pH, which is beneficial to chronic wounds. The honey is also highly osmotic, which assists in debridement and keeping the wound bed clean. This non-toxic dressing can be used as a cornerstone for wound bed preparation, and throughout all the pahses of wound healing.

  • Product number: #31012
  • Description: Absorbent Impregnated Calcium Alginate Dressing
  • Size: 3/4"x12" rope
  • Brand: Derma Sciences
  • Wear time: Daily
  • Absorbency: Moderate to Heavy
  • Quantity per box: 5
  • Price: $43.26
  • Areas of use:
    - Pressure ulcers
    - Leg ulcers
    - Diabetic foot ulcers
    - Donor sites
    - Surgical wounds
    - Infected wounds
    - Stalled wounds

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