Hydrofera Blue

Hydrofera Blue

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Hydrofera Blue Dressings are bacteriostatic dressings that are proven effective in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms commonly found in wounds, including MRSA and VRE. These dressings are produced through a patented process combining PVA foam with two organic pigments, Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet. The unique construction provides a matrix that allows the dressing to absorb wound exudate and provide broad spectrum bacteriostatic protection.

  • Product number: #HB6614
  • Description: Bacteriostatic Wound Dressing
  • Size: 6"x6"
  • Brand: Hollister
  • Wear time: Up to 3 days
  • Absorbency: Moderate to Heavy
  • Quantity per box: 10
  • Price: $198.95
  • Areas of use:
    - Pressure ulcers
    - Diabetic ulcers
    - Venous stasis ulcers
    - Arterial ulcers
    - Superficial burns
    - Donor sites
    - Post-surgical incisions
    - Trauma wounds
    - Abrasions and lacerations

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