Elastomull 4"

Elastomull 4

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Sterile elastic gauze bandage that is perfect for wrapping around oddly shaped areas, and areas with lots of movement. The dressings provide light compression to help control bleeding and edema. The dressings gently secure to body contours without restricting movement.

  • Product number: #2071001
  • Description: BSN Jobst® Elastomull® Elastic Gauze Bandage, 4" x 4-1/10 yds
  • Size: 4"x4yds
  • Brand: BSN
  • Wear time: Varies based on usage
  • Absorbency: Very Light
  • Quantity per box: 12
  • Price: $17.00
  • Areas of use:
    - Dressing retention
    - Compression
    - Edema
    - Soft tissue injuries

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